How I broke up with dieting for good

When I was 11, I realized I was fat. I ate more than my skinny friends, I couldn’t run as fast in gym class, and while everyone else was wearing a size small, I was in a size large.

My pre-teen brain thought there was something wrong with me. “I like myself” I often thought, but I never saw bodies like mine being celebrated on TeenVogue magazine covers.

It took me almost 15 years to recognize that there is nothing inherently wrong with being fat. I learned how to love myself through a lot of hard work. I researched and read and worked hard to realize my self-worth. Additionally, I learned the 10 practices of intuitive eating.

These practices are the sole reason why I wanted to become a health coach.

I know how hard it can be to wake up every single day and hate the body you see. I know what it feels like to manage your life around the food you’re eating or not eating. I know the pain of feeling like you are addicted to food— like you can’t get enough no matter how hard you try.

I’ve been there. So let’s work together to get you out of that place.